Our Services


Duntroon Community Centre is fortunate to have some excellent facilities available for members. We offer a range of regular programs to our members including Playschool, playgroup, craft groups, book club, yoga and fitness classes. See our Programs page for more details.

In addition to our regular programs, the DCC also host a number of single events throughout the year. These include family disco nights, cake and flower decorating courses, quilting courses, first aid courses and much more. Find more details at our Events page.

The DCC is a not-for-profit organisation which receives minimal funding for specific areas. As such, we run a range fundraising activities throughout the year. We value the attendance and support of our members and the wider public at these events. See our Fundraising page for details of our next fundraising activity.  


Babysitting (Thursday mornings)

Babysitting is available for members participating in Personal Training and Capital Crafters on Thursday mornings. Please see the Centre Coordinator to book a spot.

1st child: $3.30 per hour
2nd child: $2.20 per hour
3rd child: $1.10 per hour


(Black and White)
10c per A4 copy
15c per A3 copy
50c per A4 copy
$1 per A3 copy

$2 per A4 sheet
$3 per A3 sheet

Library: The Centre has a parenting library and a children’s library. Please put details into the loan book/folder when borrowing and be considerate of fellow members in relation to timeframes. Should you lose a book, please speak with the Coordinator. 

Book-sales: The Centre has some great titles available for sale through two different bookclubs. The books change on a monthly basis and include craft, cooking, history and children’s books. Most of the books are priced between $6-$15. Most are priced between $6-$15. The Centre receives a percentage of all sales. Why not have a look next time you’re hunting for a gift?

Tea/Coffee: We have a heavy duty espresso coffee machine in our small kitchen. Members are welcome to have a coffee/tea when they are in the Centre. There is no cost, however a small donation every now and then is welcomed to assist in purchasing coffee beans and milk.