Come along and have a cuppa whilst the children have some fun. Playgroup is for children (0-4 years of age) and their carers. Our facilities include indoor and outdoor play areas, organised craft activities and access to coffee making facilities in the kitchen. Sessions are run during ACT school terms from 9.30 am to 12 pm.

At present our numbers are flexible – there is no need to wait until the beginning of a new term to check out playgroup. The Duntroon Community Centre recognizes the need for playgroup for Defence families. As such the Duntroon Community Centre undertakes to provide as many places as possible. The Centre reserves the right to alter times, days and numbers of playgroups on the basis of community needs, financial constraints, demand and programming needs. It is important to note that although priority is given to Defence families, playgroup and the Duntroon Community Centre welcome and encourage the wider community to use the facilities.

Each playgroup acts as an autonomous group within the guidelines and mission

of the Duntroon Community Centre.

It is up to the group as a whole to decide:

  • the format/timetable of the playgroup
  • the appointment of the convenor
  • fund requests an allocation of funds
  • a reasonable size limit of the playgroup

Any suggestions or complaints can be made to the committee through your convenor, the playgroup coordinator or the Centre coordinator.

In addition you are quite welcome to bring your concerns to the committee directly but please see the Centre coordinator or Duntroon Community Centre secretary to ensure your issue is placed on the agenda.   Alternately you may send a written submission to the Duntroon Community Centre secretary to be raised at the next committee meeting.

All members are entitled to attend committee meetings which are advertised on the notice boards.

No alterations are to be made to the building, nor are flyers to be displayed without first contacting the Centre coordinator.

At all times act in a manner that encourages a welcoming and friendly atmosphere to members.



CONVENOR: Each playgroup requires a Convenor. The Convenor is the contact person between the playgroup and the Duntroon Community Centre.

Their responsibilities include:

  • The passing of information between playgroup and the Duntroon Community Centre
  • The collection of fees and membership forms
  • Maintaining the administration of the playgroup
  • Ensuring the playgroup and playground be packed up correctly
  • To be the first point of contact for new members

FEES: Each family must be financial members of the Duntroon Community Centre and pay their term fees by the third attendance day. See the fees listed on Our Programs page.

SIGN IN: Each child must be registered on the playgroup register.

SAFETY: Children are to be supervised at all times. No children are to be in the kitchen or storage sheds. Children must also be supervised in the toilet areas.

SUN SMART: Duntroon Community Centre encourages all participants to adhere to the Sun Smart Policy

  • avoid sun exposure between 11 am to 3 pm
  • maximise use of shad
  • hats and shirts with sleeves should be worn
  • sunscreen to be applied before outdoor play
  • fresh water to drink

IMMUNISATION: The Duntroon Community Centre recognises that the decision to immunise your child remains the parent’s responsibility. As such no child will be excluded form playgroup on the grounds of immunisation. Please notify the Duntroon Community Centre if your child contracts an infections illness so that the group can be notified.

ILLNESS AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: If children are unwell they should not attend playgroup. Please see the schedule for exclusion periods for communicable diseases in our Forms & Policies page.

NON-SMOKING: The Duntroon Community Centre is a non-smoking environment. There is to be no smoking in either the indoor or outdoor areas.

FIRST AID: A First Aid box is located in the kitchen. All accidents and incidents are to be reported and recorded. Please see the Centre Coordinator or convenor for the documentation.

HEALTHY EATING PRACTICES: The Duntroon Community Centre and playgroup encourages the foundation of healthy eating practices. Please limit the amount of “junk food” and encourage healthy snacks during playgroup. It is vital that both the convenor and playgroup members are aware if your child is allergic to any foods e.g peanuts, eggs, dairy etc. Please note that we are a nut-free centre.

HYGEINE: To ensure the health of children, please ensure that you and your child:

  • wash hands before preparing or eating food
  • wash hands after toiling or changing nappies
  • change nappies in designated nappy changing areas – there are change tables in both the male and female bathrooms
  • encourage children not to share food, plates, drink bottles or utensils
  • regular wash and disinfect toys

CLEANING AND PACK UP: All participants in the playgroup are expected to assist with cleaning up duties. These are:


  • tidy home corner/dress-ups
  • wash all dishes/cups, dry and pack away
  • wash all craft equipment and pack away
  • clean lids of any paint pots with paint still in them and store them in the fridge closed
  • return any equipment borrowed from the main store
  • wipe down art smocks, easels and paint stand
  • wipe all spills on doors or walls
  • wipe all chairs and tables and stack up chairs
  • wipe down bench tops
  • store all equipment in correct place



  • check area for rubbish, spiders and safety problems


  • replace all equipment in storage sheds, leaving area ready for playschool use
  • the sandpit area is to be swept and toys to be put back in appropriate containers
  • sweep out storage sheds and cubby house on rostered days
  • report all breakages and maintenance needed to the convenor